Press Release

(For immediate release)

Insurance Discount for Master Loggers

Loggers Insurance Agency, announced a special insurance discount is now available to Wisconsin and Michigan Master Loggers.

Secured Insurance has a history of rewarding loggers and log haulers that actively practive safety. The SECURA logging insurance program was developed in 1994 and since 1994, has offered a special premium discount for loggers or log haulers who completed F.I.S.T.A. or other approved safety training. Accourding to Ascher, after reviewing information regarding the safety and inspection program that is a critical componant of the Master Logger Program, SECURA decided to provide an additional premium discount for Master Loggers.

Master Loggers insured by SECURA will now receive a 20% discount.

The SECURA logger insurance program, which is administeres by Ascher, provides innovative insurance coverages to protect businesses in the forest products industry in Wisconsin and Michigan and throughout the Midwest. SECURA pioneered "downtime coverage" which provides protection for rental reimbursement for both logging equipment and log trucks. Other coverages include some of the highest insurance limits available for cross cutting losses or fire damage liability. SECURA offers insurance discounts for approved safety training and Secura offers a 20% discount to Master Loggers.

The SECURA program is currently available to GLTPA members through Loggers Insurance Agency and Mauck Insurance Agency. Mauck has partnered with Loggers since 1998. Mauck offers the program to GLTPA members in the northeastern corner of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, while Loggers Insurance Agency covers the remainder of Wisconsin.