Logging Equipment Insurance

Loggers Insurance Agency, Inc specializes at insuring logging and lumbering business. We offer logging equipment insurance for all types of equipment including processors, feller bunchers, slashers, skidders and forwarders. Loggers Insurance Agency is also an independent insurance agency, which means we represent many different insurance companies. Because we specialize at insuring logging and lumbering businesses and because we represent many different insurance companies, we can offer you the broadest coverage at a competitive price.

Logging Equipment Insurance Requirements

Our logging equipment insurance program is available for any number of pieces of equipment; however we do require that we insure all of the equipment that you own. We do not need to write your other insurance - we can just write your logging equipment insurance. However, we offer the broadest coverage available to the logging and lumbering industry for General Liability insurance, Commercial Auto and Truck insurance and Workers Compensation insurance at very competitive prices.

We strongly recommend that all processing equipment such as processors and feller bunchers, be protected with an automatic fire suppression system. You will receive a discount on your logging equipment insurance if you have an automatic fire suppression system. An automatic fire suppression system will generally be required for any piece of equipment valued over $250,000.

Logging Equipment Insurance - Extra Coverages

Depending on which logging equipment insurance program you qualify for, your policy will automatically include coverage for renting a replacement machine if your logging equipment is damaged from a covered loss and the equipment is inoperable. The various logging equipment insurance plans also include extra coverage for loss of tools by theft and other causes of loss.
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